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Masks for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Nasal masks
ComfortGel   ComfortGel
Customizable blue gel helps this mask deliver the most comfortable fit ever.
  • Auto-adjusting features for personalized fit
  • Adjustable support arm for optimal seal
  • Available in four sizes
EasyLife   EasyLife
EasyLife is a revolutionary nasal mask with a highly innovative design and our patented Auto Seal technology. Its dual-cushion construction has an inner cushion that creates an instant, self-adjusting seal and an outer cushion that provides comfortable support. EasyLife helps you efficiently, confidently, and comfortably fit a range of faces as broad as your patient base.
ComfortFusion   ComfortFusion
The comfort patients need. The value you desire.

Combines years of mask design experience with the understanding of your needs. It meets those needs with the features you want most, including a reliable seal, an easy fit and a replaceable cushion.
ComfortSelect   ComfortSelect
Delivers secure, adjustable fit for more comfort and fewer mask leaks.
  • Adjustable StabilitySelector arm for optimal seal and fit
  • Comfortable dual-flap cushion
  • Available in three sizes
ComfortClassic   ComfortClassic
The standard of comfort and convenience to deliver the right fit.
  • Two-position gel spacer
  • Contour cushion delivers comfort and stability
  • Available in two sizes
ProfileLite   ProfileLite
With its softer, lighter cushion, Respironics Profile Lite Nasal Mask is extremely comfortable right out of the box. The unique customizable gel cushion and forehead pad gently rest against the patient's face for a soft, pillowy fit.
Minimal contact masks
OptiLife   OptiLife
OptiLife makes life easier for healthcare professionals and patients
  • Headgear keeps forehead and vision area open and allows for side sleeping
  • Pillows cushion offers a robust seal
  • Easy-to-fit, easy-to-assemble, easy-to-clean
ComfortLite 2   ComfortLite 2
Uniquely designed mask for patients whose comfort dictates compliance.
  • Offers three interchangeable cushion options
  • Unique headgear system that leaves no pressure points on the face
  • Incredibly versatile – and incredibly comfortable
Simplicity Nasal mask   Simplicity Nasal Mask
To find a comfortable nasal mask just follow your nose. That's where you'll see Respironics Simplicity, a part of the Comfort Series of masks. And "see" is the operative word. It's small. Lightweight. Worn just on the top of the nose, it eliminates pressure on the bridge of the nose. This allows patients to wear eyeglasses and eliminates airflow to the eyes - a contributing factor in contracting conjunctivitis.
Full-face masks
ComfortGel Full Face   ComfortGel Full
Our first full-face gel mask with a replaceable cushion.
  • Includes popular blue gel and sure seal technology (SST) flap
  • Creates a level of comfort and stability no other mask can approach
  • Available in three sizes and with DuoPack replacement kit
FullLife   FullLife
FullLife has less bulk while providing more convenience, comfort, and performance. Smaller, lighter, yet highly durable, the FullLife full-face mask eliminates the conventional forehead pad and provides a clear sight line while enhancing comfort with a dual-textured cushion and clever headgear to improve mask fit.
FitLife   FitLife
The FitLife total face mask provides comfort for hard-to-fit patients who need a comfortable mask. Providing a quick, robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive areas of the face while allowing an unrestricted view, sizing the FitLife is easy as our large mask fits most patients.
ComfortFull2   ComfortFull 2
Designed for people who breathe with their mouths open while sleeping.
  • Less invasive cushion supported by adjustable cheek pads
  • Complete nasal interface system includes 3 sizes and lightweight tubing
  • Low profile design and color options fit patients’ lifestyles
Total Face Mask   Total Face Mask
A totally unique interface solution for noninvasive ventilation and CPAP therapy.

A Performance Series Mask.

Masks for non-invasive ventilation

Capno2   Capno2mask
Accurate, comfortable, noninvasive mainstream CO2 monitoring. As a leader in capnography technology, we are dedicated to helping you deliver the very best patient care. That's why we developed the Capno2mask.
Image3   Image3
With new and improved head strap clips the Image3 maskis now more practical and convenient for clinicians to use when providing CPAP, pressure support or noninvasive ventilation therapy to patients.
Image3SE   Image3 SE
With new and improved head strap clips the Image3 SE mask is now more practical and convenient for clinicians to use when providing CPAP, pressure support or noninvasive ventilation therapy to patients.

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